Professional Treatments
CAROLINE MINNIS qualified as a holistic Aromatherapy masseur in Brighton in 1998, and has gained extensive experience in Deep Tissue Massage, Indian Head Massage, Reflexology & Acupressure Facial Massage using her knowledge of Essential Oils. The underlying approach to her treatment methodology is person-centred, such that the client is encouraged to heal themselves both on an outer, physical level and also on a more subtle, yet powerful, inner level. Health and well-being is achieved through the transformative changes we make once the deeper, intuitive energies are tapped, and Caroline uses Body Work, Essential Oils, Meditation, and Chakra Balancing as tools towards a holistic state of harmony.
Initial treatments are always preceded by a thorough Client Consultation, and can last from 30 minutes to 1½ hours depending on the client needs. Follow-up treatments are encouraged. All personal details are treated in the strictest confidence. Both sexes welcome.
Mobile home visits in the Sussex/London areas can be arranged, and other services include Workshops, Talks, Educational Courses (non-certificated), Retreats, Group Work, & Pamper and Leisure Days.
Please call 07891291925 for further details on all treatment plans. Fees start at £25.00

Caroline Minnis
"Nature's great store of wisdom in regard to the Plant Kingdom is accessible to all who need it, provided we keep our hearts and minds open to Her abundant and life-giving riches"

AROMATHERAPY DEEP TISSUE BODY MASSAGE The entire body (back, legs, feet, arms, hands, abdomen, neck, scalp and face) is massaged using a synergistic blend of Essential Oils which are specifically chosen to suit client needs. The oils will penetrate the skin-blood barrier in approx 30 minutes so to gain the maximum benefits, showering after a treatment is not advised.
Techniques include effleurage, deep neuro-muscular kneading, acupressure-point pathways, petrissage, tapotements, and gentle stroking. This is a bespoke approach to help aid conditions such as EXHAUSTION, ANXIETY, MUSCULAR INJURY, DEPRESSION, INSOMNIA and CHRONIC PAIN. Aftercare advice is always given.
If you have any specific or worrying health issues please telephone Caroline first as most conditions can be safely accommodated.
Treatment Time: From 30 minutes to 1½ hours (Chakra balancing optional extra)
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ACUPRESSURE FACIAL MASSAGE This treatment concentrates on the shoulders, neck, scalp and face using blended Essential Oil to suit your skin type. Acupressure points in the neck and face are activated using Ayurvedic finger-tip massage techniques to relieve congestion in the sinus pathways of the face. Blood flow to the upper body is stimulated to encourage oxygenation of the tissues and brain, and detoxification of the lymph vessels is enhanced by gentle effleurage and petrissage kneading. A blend of Essential Oils is made up to suit combination, oily, dry or damaged skin. A deeply relaxing massage leaving your skin feeling toned and nourished. Helpful for conditions such as SINUSITUS, NEURALGIA, JAW AND TOOTHACHE, MUSCLE TENSION, ANXIETY and HEADACHES.
Treatment Time: 30 minutes
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REFLEXOLOGY Reflexology is an ancient Chinese acupressure treatment that works on the basis that electro-magnetic current (or Chi energy) is connected between specific "reflex points" in the feet and target organs and tissues throughout the body via meridian lines. When these points are pressed, energy-flow around the body is stimulated which encourages improved circulation, detoxification and pain relief in the corresponding organs.
This treatment aids the body in its continual striving for balance and self-healing, and is particularly useful for long-term, chronic conditions where allopathic medicine has failed, such as BACK-ACHE, SCIATICA, LUMBAGO, HEADACHES, MIGRAINE, IRRITABLE BOWEL SYNDROME, PMS, HORMONAL IMBALANCES, SINUSITUS, ASTHMA and ARTHRITIS. Reflexology can be helpful for pain-relief in terminally ill clients. Pioneered in the West by William Fitzgerald, this therapy is becoming increasingly popular in conventional health care settings. A detailed client consultation is given before the treatment and the therapy is followed by a Foot Massage using Oils. Follow up treatment is encouraged.
Treatment Time: 1 hour
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INDIAN HEAD MASSAGE This highly recommended massage has many variations, and Caroline uses Essential Oils and meditation as part of the treatment. The entire upper back, shoulders, upper arms, neck, scalp and face are massaged using either Coconut or Sweet Almond Oil as the base medium. Techniques include effleurage, petrissage kneading, tapotements, acupressure point stimulations, stretches and head squeezes to induce healthy blood flow, lymphatic drainage, muscular relief, and improved powers of concentration and memory. The hair follicles and skin are nourished and the client is left with a deep feeling of revitalization, harmony and general well-being. Particularly helpful for conditions such as HEADACHES, MIGRAINE, RESPIRATORY CONGESTION, POOR MEMORY, EXHAUSTION, ANXIETY, STRESS and UPPER BACK/NECK MUSCLE PROBLEMS.
A detailed client consultation is given before the treatment.
Treatment Time: 30 minutes – 1 hour
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CHAKRA BALANCING AND MEDITATIONS There are 7 major Chakra energy centres in our etheric body running along the vertical axis (and 1000's of others in and around our physical, etheric and astral bodies) which are powerful memory banks for our physical and spiritual well-being. Chakra energy needs to be in a continual state of renewable, dynamic motion for optimal physical and psychological health. We can enhance our vibrational energy flow through the body by tapping in to the sub-conscious mind using creative visualizations, mantras, and meditations. This therapy focuses on the symbols, oils and colours of the 7 Chakras, from the Base "Muladhara" found in the perineum (our earthly roots) up to the Crown "Sahasrara" found at the top of the head (our connection to abundant Spirit). Using a guided visualization, set to music, the client is enabled to relax in to a state of deep calm and clarity, thereby recharging the vital Chi energy flow.
Further details on how Essential Oils work to support this balance are discussed during the session.
Treatment Time: ¾ hour – 1 hour
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TOP TO TOE BLISS TREATMENT - FULL FACIAL AND FOOT MASSAGE Enjoy the unique experience of having a full facial pamper with a relaxing foot massage at the same time! The treatment involves the support of delicate facial tissue through a holistic facial detox and massage, using natural skin remedies created by Caromacare. The process includes a thorough cleanse using flower hydrostats, followed by an Essential Oil steam bath. The kaolin organic orange face mask is then followed by an acupressure massage using cream or oil. Whilst the mask penetrates the skin, drawing out toxins, the client is invited to savour a stimulating foot massage. The overall effect is uplifting and rejuvenating.
Advice on future skin care and skin problems is given, and the products used will reflect the client’s requirements. A discount on all Caromacare Products is available with this treatment.
Treatment Time: ¾ hour
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